Talent Management

Every company should have long-term strategy which could preserve company’s sustainability and welfare. To be able to execute the strategy, company needs a competent employee who placed in company’s critical positions.  Critical position is an employee position in which suddenly vacant, then it could rise up operational risk.  Therefore, PT Sanggar Sarana Baja prepare Talent Management and Succession Planning program in order to preserve company’s sustainability and welfare in the future.

In Talent Management program, employee from staff until managerial level will be mapped into 9 grids of talent matrix based on employee performance and potential. The employee who could show average or high performance and potential could be judged as a talent employee that should be retained and developed by the company. Expert Judgment such as from Direct Superior, General Manager, and President Director of PT Sanggar Sarana Baja are also contributed in deciding final talented employee list of the company every year.

The talented employees will be prioritized as a Successor in the Succession Planning program of PT Sanggar Sarana Baja. Successor is a replacement employee who prepared by company to fulfill critical position for several years later. The criteria of employee readiness to become a successor in PT Sanggar Sarana Baja are ready now (Rnow), ready in 1-2 years (R1-2), ready in 3-4 years (R3-4).

After approval process of the employees talented list and successor list of PT Sanggar Sarana Baja finished, then the next process is creating Individual Development Plan (IDP) for each talent and successor. This Individual Development Plan will help talented employee and successor to improve their competency according to company needs in the future, so that they will ready to fill up the critical position in the company align with Succession Planning of the company.